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Mountain Road Development Plans

Barnbuilders development plan for this site

1.  24mx 12m Workshop

To replace existing rental arrangements.


2.  Ply Hut Home moved from Saddlery

Or built, on the corner SH1 & Mt. Road, with floor at road level, looking out at Pukekaroro and serving as:

  • Barnbuilders Showhome

  • Plus a point of interest re history on: The Tramway, CHH Topuni Mill, Jane Mander

  • The historic and pioneer timber themes will compliment our Showhome

  • We could point people to the Kauri Museum

  • Coffee and snacks on offer

  • Wheel chair access from memorial plaque by way of timber rampor.


3.  Training Scheme

6-8 trainees  for 6 month course on:

  • Basic Building:  At Mountain Rd, and at Barns/Shacks around  Northland

  • Tree planting: We are going to purchase or plant ti tiri from local seed and plant large areas, around buildings, for Carbon Credits.

  • Fencing: A harbour shoreline fencing/planting operation will follow.

As we grow we are looking to keep some  builders/workers on.

4. Work Camp

  • 1 Abolution block

  • 1 Kitchen, Dining, Recreation/ Training

  • 6 Accomodation Huts linked with covered walkways.

(We are building all of this up 1m above ground and will graze sheep below).

These will be for our workers, built by the workers, and rented to the workers.

We hold the hope that with low rent and less driving, plus skills and good pay, they start to look at building their own dwellings?


5.  Craft Studio

  • 15m x 7.2m x 6 units with low rental

For job creation/small enterprises.  Goods could  be carved, built, sewn etc. in the rear and a space at front to display to public.  Built along Mountain Road.  Wooden Walkways.


We  feel we have an opportunity to go well here

We are drawing plans to clearly outline the building layout.  Figures are coming in also, to show the costs and returns of the Work Camp, and  the Make & Sell Craft Studio.

What a great way for us to show how we can work our designs and make a complex that with poles, timber and regenerating bush etc.  It will look great ... and be useful.


Barnbuilders is based in Kaiwaka in Northland.  We build good solid homes and barn buildings.  We are independent and always keen enough to be able to change and adapt to suit.  Learn about our journey, designs and products here on our website.
I look forward to hearing from you.
- Tim Magill


Reference home thumb "We have always found Tim to be absolutely professional and reliable, honest and trustworthy, efficient and conscientious, and his integrity is beyond question."
- Ray Duncan


phone.gif021 705 837