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Work camps

We can camp near the job

We have a shed or house to build.  The site is beautiful, remote ... good owners.  Sometimes the owner has a bach or caravan, or we go into a town and get a motel.

As an option, we can camp near job and keep costs down.  We have our own clean conveniences and work at keeping a low profile.

Other advantages: We get the job built quicker.  Easy with smokos or shelter from weather.  We don't need to pack up so many tools.

We enjoy it!


Barnbuilders is based in Kaiwaka in Northland.  We build good solid homes and barn buildings.  We are independent and always keen enough to be able to change and adapt to suit.  Learn about our journey, designs and products here on our website.
I look forward to hearing from you.
- Tim Magill


Reference home thumb "We have always found Tim to be absolutely professional and reliable, honest and trustworthy, efficient and conscientious, and his integrity is beyond question."
- Ray Duncan


phone.gif021 705 837