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The path to the Little Shack

For more than 10 years we have been building good, solid farm buildings

And we have learned a new improvement on each of the 300 plus sheds we have built.

In the last five years we have received many more enquiries from people wanting to live in a shed/house - we had to give it a try.

Sylvia from Rangiora showed me two cardboard shoe boxes, with windows and doors drawn on. 

A good way for us to get her plan, we thought.

With her project we framed in between poles.  This came out well with an awesome result for Sylvia.

Rangiora 1

Bruce at Nikau Lane liked our sheds and wanted a rustic home with matching sheds.

We like the idea of house and shed being complimentary, not mismatched.

Nikau Lane

An older pic of a previous job we built at Hakarau, got us thinking, (again):  Below another classic barn roof, we poured concrete, but only as far as funds allowed.

Why not get the roof up, and then  build up the part you want to make indoorsie?

Hakaru 1

Let's go to Dargaville Fieldays and try our idea out with the experts!  We received very positive feedback on our mockup.

Rhoadsey & Colleen said turn this around, more doors, another carport and lets do it.  As usual a great job, neat customers, our baby takes shape.  And she looked great.  "Awesome"  Colleen said, on more than one occasion too.

We were working the poles in with the concrete floor frames.  The raking ceilings.  It still need to get simpler.  What if we get the same roof up and bolt a prefabricated ply hut to the poles?  Now we're talking!


The first model Ply Hut Home started to take shape on paper in late 2010.

We built the huts, deck & roof slabs in our polyhouse workshop.  Assembling over a weekend and sorting out ways to tackle a new method took a good crew.  We were lucky to have their help and now, again, we are ready to see what the punters say.

7 out of 10, I feel.  Some very impressed lookers and others who can tell our style: poles & ply,with a  barn style look.

We came up with some big sliding doors which made the outdoorsie part more livable and lockable.  It seems getting the price down a bit would give us a lot more support.  We know the style has to work in with a simple method of construction.

We have picked up a heck of a lot of gains by now.  Now, let's design the  lowest price dwelling option we can!


Our  first  Little Shack shows off this new style

A concrete floor, pole and girt frame, corrugated iron exterior cladding was used on this demo.

Like our past breakthrough models we truly believe "this is it" ... apart from all of our normal ongoing tweeking.

I think we have arrived!  We are going to be a good option for our customers, but that's not my call.

And yet again, I bet we  will have another new barnstorming style in us ... later ... up the path.

Lil Shack sketch small
We are independent and always keen enough to be able to change and adapt to suit.

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Barnbuilders is based in Kaiwaka in Northland.  We build good solid homes and barn buildings.  We are independent and always keen enough to be able to change and adapt to suit.  Learn about our journey, designs and products here on our website.
I look forward to hearing from you.
- Tim Magill


Reference home thumb "We have always found Tim to be absolutely professional and reliable, honest and trustworthy, efficient and conscientious, and his integrity is beyond question."
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