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Barnbuilders are all about  trying and improving

We are always looking for easy and economical ways to end up with a better product.

From the start this has helped us improve and so we keep the ideas coming.

Presently we are pre-cutting and preparing as much as possible at our depot.

Our Scarfer was dreamt up and built to mark and cut the pole “scarfe” for the rafter.  It works brilliantly; in half the time, a way neater cut.

Innovators2 1
On site we are just as lazy and do as much work on the ground.  We assemble frames on ground and lift with crane.  This system saves time and again gives a neater job.  We tried a lot of other ways so we can say this is the best ... so far.  A few other tricks ...
  • A lot of trying different gear and settling on the best.

  • Design to get a look and match our method of construction.  Worth a go.  Job by job we innovated ourselves onto the Ply Hut Home.  Workshop built ply huts, deck and ceiling panels bolted to the poles that hold up the roof.  We are pleased to have built the Show home, and see how she feels.  We have received a lot of interest and some work from this.  Food for more thought.

Now we are working at the Little Shack concept where we build the simplest, most practical dwelling with our best suggestions for water,  power, and waste water.  We keep going, and feel all of these ideas have been well worth thinking about.


Barnbuilders is based in Kaiwaka in Northland.  We build good solid homes and barn buildings.  We are independent and always keen enough to be able to change and adapt to suit.  Learn about our journey, designs and products here on our website.
I look forward to hearing from you.
- Tim Magill


Reference home thumb "We have always found Tim to be absolutely professional and reliable, honest and trustworthy, efficient and conscientious, and his integrity is beyond question."
- Ray Duncan


phone.gif021 705 837