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Tim Magill - Owner

  • Born/bred, fortunately, in Napier.  A bit of history ...
1973 Carpentry apprenticeship A.R. Turner, Napier
1980 - 1990 Odd job carpentry, N.Z. and Oz
1990 CHH Timber selling round pole/fencing and building timber out of Topuni near Kaiwaka, and all  North Island Sawmills to Merchants
1998 Joined forces and helped start a sawmill/ roundwood mill (at Matakohe then back at Topuni)
2000 Back to building (sheds, poles etc) at Bargain Barns then Barnbuilders.
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Minnie Magill - Owner

  • From, fortunately, Karakanui ... and the Manakau Whanau.
Our offspring - William, MJ, Jack, Bailey and Ash - have all played a part as workers and supporters.  We will involve them again later when they purchase a Little Shack or two.


Contractors and Suppliers - the best

Our Contractors and Suppliers have been great.

We want to be clever and have a smart product, so we find mates who work the same.  We are grateful for the way they have helped especially with a young business and our style of tinkering with new ideas,  things are not always smooth.

Also, ain’t it great to have such good skills in our Kaiwaka.

  • Mickey Renton

  • Dave Slatter

  • Boysie Peihopa

  • Lenny Maginley

  • Phil Shaw

  • Marty & Jake Dick

  • David Hyndman

  • Craig Mitchelson

  • Paul Greig

  • Mike Lean

  • Stephen Hargreaves

  • Jim Sharp

Renton Roofing



Warkworth Concrete

Industrial Roller Doors

Ziko Productions ... awesome footage!

Landcare Services

Mitchelson Plumbing


Draughting Services


Crane Hire

Carters have been awesome, having showed a lot of interest and backed us all the way.  Plus the other  Main Suppliers:

  • Absolute Concrete

  • Atlas Concrete

  • Metalcraft Roofing

  • The good folk at the Kaipara District Council have been brilliant,

  • The community of Kaiwaka ... the Little Town of Lights ... (and supportive citizens).


Barnbuilders is based in Kaiwaka in Northland.  We build good solid homes and barn buildings.  We are independent and always keen enough to be able to change and adapt to suit.  Learn about our journey, designs and products here on our website.
I look forward to hearing from you.
- Tim Magill


Reference home thumb "We have always found Tim to be absolutely professional and reliable, honest and trustworthy, efficient and conscientious, and his integrity is beyond question."
- Ray Duncan


phone.gif021 705 837